Covimat 205 CC

Covimat 205 CC

Covimat 205 CC …

… is a process viscometer for measuring liquids directly in the production line. It has a special design for applications under hygienic conditions.

Each process viscometer Covimat CC is made up of three parts:

  • the measuring head
  • the measuring cell
  • the measuring bob

The measurement…
… of the sample is done in the ring pipe as shown in the illustration. Installation and connection are easy to realize and require few efforts.

The measuring head…

…includes the electronicswhich have two main functions:

It keeps rotating the measuring bob at the desired rotational speed and it records the torque by a torsion element. The torque is turned into a 4 – 20 mA signal.

The electronics are explosion proof according ATEX.

Depending on the application the measuring head can be equiped with different torsion elements and/or a gear unit.

  • The measuring system…

    …is made up of a flow-through cell with measuring bob according to your application.

    A specific feature of these measuring cells is the absence of a bushing. The power transmission is done by a magnetic coupling. Therefor the cells are completely encased and allow viscosity measurement at high pressure.

    The construction of the cell takeswas done accouding to the requirements of the EHEDG. It can be easily removed from the pipeline, so the pipeline is piggable.

    The measuring bob…

    …determines the measuring range. The larger the bob the more low-viscous can be measured. Usually the measuring system is made of high-grade steel, but can be delivered coated or in different materials as well.

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