Rheomat R123

Rheomat R123

  proRheo R123 …
…is a rotational rheometer for measuring viscosity with VT02- measuring systems. This instrument was designed for particulary easy viscosity measurement.  It combines the well-established and accurate proRheo measurement technology with easiest handling and clear display.

  • Fix measuring bob
  • Switch instrument on
  • Start measurement
  • Read viscosity in the display
  • That’s it!

  When to use the R123 ?
The viscometer Rheomat R123 is suitable for fast and reliable determination of viscosity in laboratory and factory, especiallly for production control, control of incomming goods and quality assurance.

Applications are various: e.g. colours and varnishes, coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, chemical basics and much more. The Rheomat R 123 is a classic rotational viscometer.

The measuring bob rotates in a fixed measuring tube and is driven by a motor.  The sample generates a frictional resistance in the measuring gap which is recorded by measurement of the motor current. Viscosity is calculated from this resistance.

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