Rheomat R140

Rheomat R140

  •  proRheo R140 …
    … is a well-established viscometer for fast and reliable determination of viscosity. The premise for developing the R140 was to achieve an excellent value for money solution, without compromising perofrmance or flexibility.

    The Rheomat 140 works with all kinds of measurement systems: concentric cylinder, cone-plate, measurement systems conform to DIN 53019 or ISO 2555 etc.  All relevant rheological parameters are shown simultaneously.

     When to use the R140 ?
    The viscometer R 140 has been engineered for rapid and reliable viscosity determination in both the laboratory and production environment, especially for control of incoming goods and quality control.

    A selection of possible applications is colours and coatings, foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, chemical basics and many more.

     Measurement principle

    The Rheomat R 140 is a classical rotation-type viscometer which uses a motor driven bob rotating in a fixed cup. The sample is sheared in the gap between bob and cup. The measured shear stress is used to calculate the viscosity. Because of the versality of the R 140 viscometer a viscosity measurement can be made by immersing the measurement bob in an open vessel or in a closed measurement tube where temperature can be accurately controlled.

     Measurement procedure

     Taking a measurement starts by entering the measuring system, the desired rotational speed and simply pressing a key. Within some seconds the viscosity is shown on the display.


    …is essential for viscosity measurement. Temperature jacket, peltier chamber or oven: select here the suitable model.

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