Low Shear Viscometer LS300

Low Shear Viscometer LS300

  Low Shear Viscometer
…are rotational rheometers for measuring of fluids with low viscosity or gases under low shear conditions. LS 300 is a rheometer system for the determination of visco-elastic properties. LS 300 allows research work to be done on substances:

  • without altering or destroying their internal structure, e.g. erythrocyte aggregation of blood
  • without disaggregation and alignment of molecules in solutions of high polymers
  • without extensive auxiliary installations for the measurement of extremely low viscosity substances (e.g. gases)

New Guidelines for hemorheological laboratory techniques

were published in May 2009 by the International Society for Clinical Hemorheology and the European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation. The rheometer system LS 300 was ceated according to this high standard.

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Measuring principles

The thermostacally controlled measuring cup is driven according the couette principle. The test substance’s reaction moment causes – via the measuring bob – a minimum deflection ot the frictionless suspended bob. A light beam reflected across a mirror is monitored by a photocell and amplified for transmisson to the compensation system’s coil. The current required for zero point is proportional to the reaction moment and, therefore, a function of viscosity. 


Software LS 300

is the control software of the Low Shear Viscometers LS 300. So the viscometer is easy to handle.

The measuring data will be stored in the PC and is safe of manipulation. You can integrate the PC into your network. The software make the rheological evaluation according to the well known rehological models. All data can be transmitted into another format like  Excel, ASCII or XML.

Measuring programs:

  • Single Point measurement             
  • Flow Curve
  • Retardation
  • Relaxation

LS 300 Rheometer system consits LS 300 measuring unit, control unit, display, PC

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