Viscometer Rheomat R180

  • Viscometer Rheomat R 180

      Rheomat R180 …
    …is a portable and stand-alone rotational viscometer based on well-established principles of operation. It is unique for it’s easy use and wide measurement range. The Rheomat 180 works with all kinds of measurement systems: conentric cylinder, cone-plate, measurement systems conform to DIN 53019 or ISO 2555 etc.  All relevant rheological parameters are shown simultaneously and the results may be stored and put out to PC or printer.

     When to use the R180 ?
    The viscometer R 180 has been engineered for rapid and reliable viscosity determination in both the laboratory and production environment. Possible application includes: coatings, food, cosmetics, pharmacy and many more.

     Measurement principle

    The Rheomat R 180 is a classical rotation-type viscometer which uses a motor driven bob rotating in a fixed cup. The sample is sheared in the gap between bob and cup. The measured shear stress is used to calculate the viscosity. Because of the versality of the R 180 viscometer a viscosity measurement can be made by immersing the measurement bob in an open vessel or in a closed measurement tube where temperature can be accurately controlled.

     Measurement procedure
    The viscosity of a sample is characterized by a flow curve. These are generated automatically by the R 180 in the measurement programs. Up to 50 flow curves can be stored and outputted to a printer or PC. Of course single point measurements and constant shear measurements are also available.

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